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One Buncombe is a community COVID-19 response fund sponsored by the Buncombe County Service Foundation. Through donations, sponsorships and grants, we raised over $1.66 million. This bridge funding provided relief to small businesses and individuals and helped lessen the impact of COVID-19 for many of our neighbors.

Donations to Date




The Voice of Philanthropy in Our Community

COVID-19 Response Fund

Local governments, including the County of Buncombe and the City of Asheville, teamed up with Business Leaders from the Asheville-Area Chamber of Commerce, Mountain BizWorks, and the Land of Sky Regional Council to launch the One Buncombe Fund, a centralized COVID-19 donation and relief center. The mission of the One Buncombe Fund was to support the basic needs of individuals who have lost employment due to COVID-19 and to provide bridge funding to our small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

The One Buncombe Fund provided a secure and immediate way to donate to the response effort and was used for: Assistance to individuals & Loans to small businesses.

Assistance to Individuals that have lost employment due to COVID-19

Individuals that have lost employment due to COVID-19 were eligible for direct assistance grants. Funds were used for life essential needs caused by the COVID-19 public health crisis such as electric bills, deposits, fuel oil, kerosene, natural gas, propane, wood, mortgages, rent, overnight lodging, etc. Funds were paid to the service provider, not directly to individuals. Assistance was provided through Buncombe County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS employees screened applicants to ensure all other potential sources are leveraged, including public assistance programs (e.g., Unemployment Insurance) and the services of our community partners. The assistance worker also made referrals to human services partners and programs to assist the client in alleviating their immediate crisis.

Assistance for locally owned small businesses

During Phase 1, Small businesses impacted by COVID-19 were eligible for low interest loans up to $10,000 with no payments due for up to 6 months. Loans were designed to provide low-cost "bridge funding" to help businesses stay open and limit job losses until businesses can qualify for longer term disaster funding from SBA or others. Small businesses were defined as businesses with less than 50 employees. Loan underwriting and administration were provided by Mountain BizWorks, a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution. A total of 95 businesses received support during the first phase.

During Phase 2, small businesses impacted by COVID-19 were eligible for grants up $5,000 to help support businesses’ efforts to reopen, rehire, and retain employees. The fund was intentional about awarding grants to businesses owned by women and people of color with an additional emphasis on sole proprietorships. A total of 116 local small businesses received grants during the second phase.

Lead Sponsors

$50,000 or greater


$1,000 - $49,999


  • Joel and Marla Adams
  • Joel and Marla Adams
  • Mr and Mrs John Ager
  • Sherman Alfors
  • Lorna and Michael Anderberg
  • Charles Baer
  • Charles Baer
  • Linda Bair
  • Karen Balmuth
  • Marie Bauer
  • Marie Bauer
  • Randy Bell
  • Barbara Berti
  • Ada Lea Birnie
  • Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bissette Jr
  • Cleone Black
  • Daniel Bradshaw
  • Kathryn Breeze
  • John Brooks
  • John Brooks
  • Jennifer Broom
  • David Brown
  • Julia Brown
  • Anne Burkhardt
  • Dr Nathan Burkhardt
  • Thomas Byers
  • Brad Rouse and Karen Campbell Charitable Trust
  • Susan Canale
  • Mackey Family Charitable Fund
  • Daniel Murrey and Charitable Fund
  • Stephanie Citron
  • Stephanie Citron
  • Donald Collins
  • Donald Collins
  • Donald Collins
  • Donald Collins
  • Donald Collins
  • Patrick Covington
  • Kit Cramer
  • Mary Dambach
  • Forest Davenport
  • Libby and Michael De Caetani
  • Stephen and Linda De May
  • In Honor Of Carol Neely
  • Robert Deutsch
  • William Dickason
  • Jurgen and Leslie Dierks
  • Rick and Bridget Eckerd
  • Bob and Lori Herlin Family Foundation
  • Brame Mattox Family Foundation
  • Gary Davis and Family Fund
  • The Imboden Family Fund
  • The Moran Family Fund
  • Tom Fehsenfeld
  • Carolyn Fehsenfeld
  • Carolyn Fehsenfeld
  • Mary Fran Ferrari Woods
  • Heidi and Marshall Fields
  • Hedy Fischer
  • The Frederick Bliss Foundation
  • David Gilmore
  • Robert Granieri
  • In Memory Of Carlin Greeson
  • Lyman Gregory
  • David Greiner
  • Adam Griffith
  • Larry Griswold
  • Barbara Griswold
  • John Griswold
  • Eric and Shawna Hanson
  • Paul Harris
  • Mark and Robin Hayes
  • Mary and Robin Hayes
  • Mark and Robin Hayes Charitable Fund
  • Dwight Healy
  • Dwight Healy
  • Tom and Patricia Hearron
  • Tom and Patricia Hearron
  • Stephen Herbits
  • Robert Herlin
  • Mark Heslin
  • Kevin Heslin
  • Beth Jezek
  • Sue Fernbach Jim Rishebarger
  • Sally Jones
  • Kenneth Brame and Judy Mattox
  • Ann Kemske
  • Geoffrey Kitchingman
  • Robert and Kathie Kline
  • Matthew Kraus
  • Herman and Gail Lankford
  • Richard and Carrie Leader
  • Elizabeth Leonard
  • Elizabeth Leonard
  • Mr and Mrs Robert MacLean
  • Scott Mahan
  • Thomas and Nancy Maher
  • Richard Manske
  • Drs Winfield Margaret Word Sims
  • Mr and Mrs Robert Martin
  • Michael Mazur
  • Helen McClintock
  • Hugh and Carol McCollum
  • Susan McDowell
  • David McGuirk
  • Carey and Linda McKain and Eriksen
  • Kathryn McLane
  • Nancy McLean
  • Charlotte Caplan Michael Brubaker
  • Rebecca Moon
  • Rebecca Moon
  • Ms Judy Mattox Mr Kenneth Brame
  • Jennifer Mullendore
  • Alison Norris
  • Meredith Norwood
  • Meredith Norwood
  • Todd Oldenburg
  • John Morris and Peggy Noel
  • Anthony Penland
  • Robert Pierce
  • Sarah Plemmons
  • Melinda Raab
  • Gail Rhodes
  • Barbara Rice
  • Peter Ritcher
  • Richard Schaffer
  • Tiffany Schultz
  • Tiffany Schultz
  • Tiffany Schultz
  • Leissa Shahrak
  • Claire Shippey
  • Claire Shippey
  • Marsha and Michael Shlaer
  • Karen Shuford
  • Robert Siegel
  • Frank Southecorvo
  • Mr and Mrs David Stagner
  • Mr and Mrs David Stagner
  • Karen Stark
  • Karen Stark
  • John Steiner
  • Wyatt and Kim Stevens
  • Dana Stonestreet
  • Sharon Tabor
  • John Tempelaar Lietz
  • Fruzsi Toenniessen
  • Thomas Tribble
  • Clementine Gregory Trust
  • Janet Tysinger
  • Ted and Terry Van Duyn
  • Eric and Susan Van Tassel
  • Eric and Susan Van Tassel
  • Thomas Watson
  • Alfred Whitesides
  • Janet Whitworth
  • Mary Fran Woods
  • Barbara Woolmington
  • Barbara Wright


< $1,000

Lead Partners


We are grateful to our donors for stepping up and providing financial relief in Buncombe County. We wanted to share some of the words of appreciation from our individuals and small businesses who reached out to say “Thank You.”

From community members

“Thank you very much for all the help, I truly appreciate it.”

“This is truly a blessing, I don’t think I can thank you enough.”

“I wanted to write in just to thank you all so very much for helping my family. It means so much to us in these uncertain times. We hope to be able to give back once we are back on our feet.”

“Thank you so much for taking some of the pressure from our family. We really appreciate it!”

"Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to you and for the service that your agency is providing! I appreciate your compassion, patience, and diligence in helping me on the phone today.”

“I am overcome with gratitude and relief. Thank you all so much! Please let me know if there is anything I can do in return. I promise when I’m back on my feet, I will donate to this amazing relief fund for others who are struggling. I love our community so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“You have restored my faith in my community and I wanted to let you know the work you do really matters to people like me.”

“Thank you so much for your help. I haven’t slept in two days worrying about what was going to happen. You are truly a godsend.”

From Businesses

"I am filled with awe and deep gratitude for the support that we and other small businesses are receiving from our community and feel inspired to forge ahead".

We manufacture Jun, a sparkling probiotic drink made with raw honey and green tea that is rich in probiotics. Jun has become known as the “Champagne of Kombucha” due to its light, smooth, and unique flavor profile. So, it is the perfect immune boosting beverage for folks to be drinking now. We have been in business for 3 years. In those three years, we have generated over $500,000 in revenue, with each year showing 50% growth from the previous year. Unimpeded, we projected to generate $375,000 in 2020 with our traditional revenue streams.

Unfortunately 90% of our wholesale accounts have closed. We are in the process of putting into place an e-commerce platform, connecting with home delivery companies, offering home deliveries, & working with Rangeme so that we can be picked up by larger grocery stores.

This loan could not have come at a better time. We needed the cash infusion for operating expenses and fortunately, the money showed up in my bank account right in the nick of time, right before payroll!

With this loan we now have working capital and I can keep folks employed and invest in our online marketing and e-commerce platform to stimulate revenue. We plan to promote our DIY Jun Brewing kits because we have noticed a spike in goods related to self-sufficiency. With people less inclined to going out, anything that they can do for themselves in their homes is becoming in demand. We expect that with a push in our online marketing campaign our sales will take off allowing us not only to survive but to thrive!

In love and light,
Shanti Sunshine Volpe
Shanti Elixirs
Founder and Owner